Uproot is a Reggae band from Yuma, AZ formed in 1997 by three brothers and three friends. Together they released their first album in the spring of 2000 titled “We Belong Together”. Their early years consisted of a lot of touring, playing shows in the southwest United States. You could see Uproot anywhere from small bars, all the way up to headlining festivals with other international Reggae artists. As the traveling slowed, shows in and around the bands hometown continued. Uproot has always had a knack for making new Reggae fans wherever they go and have played a major role in forming the now thriving Reggae scene in Yuma. Uproot has opened for Reggae heavyweights old and new. Bands like Steel Pulse, Third World, Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs, Rebelution, and Tribal Seeds just to name a few. Although some of the members have changed their goal has remained the same.

Spread love and positivity to the people they encounter through the music they love, Reggae!